Month: August 2010

How to Install the Lithium Backpack to your Arduino

The Lithium Backpack is a Arduino accessory that will power the Arduino when it is away from a computer or a wall power. These products are sold at Liquidware (no longer available) for under $34 each. Other options –

Make | Getting Started with Arduino

This valuable little book offers a thorough introduction to the open-source electronics prototyping platform that’s taking the design and hobbyist world by storm. Getting Started with Arduino gives you lots of ideas for Arduino projects and helps you get going on them right away. With inexpensive hardware and open-source software components that you can download …

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Soldering Sheild Headers

From Many Arduino shields are shipped with headers packed loose, leaving it up to you to solder them in place. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it’s more fiddly and annoying than it sounds. Arduino headers consist of four separate headers, and if you get the pins even a little crooked on any of them it …

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Arduino Robot Goes WiFi

From Arduino is very rich in its shields so there is another fast and great project – WiFi controlled Arduino robot. The platform is pretty simple – mainly made of wood. Interesting part is that Arduino is equipped with WiShield from AsyncLab’s that allows controlling bot remotely via TCP.