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October 2010 - Circuit Crush

Month: October 2010

Remote control the Arduino from the web!

From http://autocad.spinelink.com/arduino-serial-communication-with-web-gui-via-php.html This project is very inspiring! It is an Arduino project that has two LEDs on green and one red that are controlled via a local web server (AKA my Mac’s Apache Server). The web server is hosting a PHP script that has a user interface. When I click a link it sends a …

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The Motion Picture Industry Using Arduino?

Welcome to OpenMoCo, a community site for Open-source Photographic Motion Control technology. Our focus is to create open-source solutions for motion control in photographic techniques including time-lapse, gigapixel panoramas, focus stacking, live video, and just about anything you can think of. Here, you can interact with other people working on their own motion control systems, …

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What’s with the Arduino, Anyway?

Looks like someone else got bit by the Arduino bug! http://ryanwaggoner.com/2010/10/damn-you-arduino-i-have-no-free-time-for-this/ What’s bizarre is that it’s so much fun. I mean, I’ve built large, complex websites with tens of thousands of lines of code that use a dozen different languages, frameworks, and technologies. So how come writing 6 lines of code to make a stupid …

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The Arduino / Paypal Vending Machine

Ran across this neat article and video at Make Magazine. They attached an Arduino to a candy vending machine, and connected it to the internet so you can pay for the candy using paypal. A fascinating and intriguing project: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/10/paypal_vending_machine.html – While walking the show floor at the PayPal X Innovate 2010 developers conference today …

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And the Winner of the Free Arduino UNO is?

Congratulations, Michael Van Varenberg, you have won the free Arduino Uno. Mark from Hacktronics will be contacting you shortly for your shipping info. For those less lucky (this month), check out the starter kit which now includes the new Uno. The new freebie for next month is a Ethernet Shield. Participate at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/arduinohome/ to be eligible for the drawing.