Morse “Paddle” Keyer

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Building on our previous “simple” piezo beep sketch, I now introduce a Morse “Paddle” Keyer. It contains two buttons, one timed for a 60ms dot, the other for a 180ms dash. It uses the tone() command to activate the Piezo, which is a pwm output.


This example shows a morse “paddle” keyer.
One button is timed for a dot, the other
for a dash (3 * dot). I’m using a 60ms
duration for a dot, so a dash = 180ms.


int outPin = 9;
unsigned int frequency = 700;
unsigned long dotDuration = 60;
unsigned long dashDuration = dotDuration * 3;
int dotPin = 7;   // pushbutton connected to digital pin 7
int dashPin = 8;   // pushbutton connected to digital pin 8

void setup()  {
pinMode(dotPin, INPUT);      // sets the digital pin 7 as input
pinMode(dashPin, INPUT);      // sets the digital pin 8 as input

void loop()  {
int dotVal=LOW;
int dashVal=LOW;

dotVal = digitalRead(dotPin);
dashVal = digitalRead(dashPin);

if (dotVal==HIGH)
tone(outPin, frequency, dotDuration);

if (dashVal==HIGH)
tone(outPin, frequency, dashDuration);

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Steve Spence

Steve Spence

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