We are making some of our projects available as kits and completed boards (hand built on protoshields). Keep checking back to see what new idea has been turned into code and circuits at Arduinotronics. Kits come with all parts and instructions needed to assemble, Assembled projects come ready to run. All products (kits and assembled) come with sample sketches, and are built to order, so please expect short delays based on parts availability and build / test time. Shipping outside the lower 48 states (USA) will be determined individually.

Smart Keyboard Shield – $40-$50

Atmel 328 based ps/2 keyboard shield, processes scan codes to allow full text input instead of needing a computer attached. Great for teletype and texting projects.


Smart VGA Shield – $40-$50

Atmel 328 based video co-processor provides low res color or B&W display on a VGA monitor.


Text to Speech Shield – $60-$70

Speakjet and TTS256 based text to speech shield. Just send serial strings and hear your sketch “speak” your output on the fly.


Bluetooth Master / Slave Shield – $30-$40

HC-05 based Bluetooth communications between Arduino and PC, Tablet, Phone, or another Arduino. Can be set for Master or Slave, and has onboard access to the AT Command set without loading a new sketch.


Amp hour / Watt hour meter – $30-$40

Reports amps, volts, watts, hours, amp hours, watt hours of AC or DC projects. Displays output in serial monitor, but can be easily modified for your LCD. Note on order if you need to monitor AC (including bidirectional DC) or DC.


Mitutoyo Caliper / Micrometer Interface – $30-$40

Read measurements using Mitutoyo’s SPC Digimatic Protocol. Make decisions based on those measurements, display, and control other processes.